Editing Existing Jobs

If you open the job details tab by clicking on the job name in the job queue, you will see a "Make Changes" section that can be opened by clicking on it (Fig. 67A).  You should not need to use this section, but occasionally there might be a need to.  For most jobs, there are options to re-run and re-parse the job (Fig. 67B).  Depending on when and why a job fails, these might be useful.  Please note that if you have a job that fails (repeatedly), it is more likely a GenSAS bug or a problem with the input evidence files and we ask that you do not delete the failed job and contact us.  If you want to delete a job, and the job results have not been used as input for another step (i.e. used to make a genes consensus), there will be a button to delete a job (Fig. 67C).  Please be aware that any deleted jobs are not recoverable.  If there is not an option to delete a job, it is because the results from the job have been used as input in a downstream tool.  The downstream jobs that use the results have to be deleted first.

Figure 67.  "Make changes" section on job results tabs.