User Account and Project Limitations

GenSAS is currently available to use for free.  The only requirement is to sign-up for a user account.  The demand for GenSAS has been amazing and initially we had no limitations on project and uploaded assembly file sizes, but now that the number of GenSAS users have increased, we are implementing some limitations in order to make sure GenSAS has computational resources available to complete jobs and to allow the most users to use it effectively.  Here are the limitations for GenSAS users:

  • Only one account per user.  Each user will only be allowed one account in order to keep resources available for all users.  If we discover you have created a second account to bypass user limitations, you will be notified and one account and associated data will be deleted.
  • GenSAS user accounts will remain active as long as users have an active GenSAS project.  When users have let all their GenSAS projects expire, and have not logged into GenSAS for six months, their user account will be deleted to free up storage space on the server.  Projects automatically expire after 60 days unless the user resets the expiration on the project.
  • GenSAS users are limited to a total of 250 GB of storage space on GenSAS server.  This size limit includes all user-uploaded assemblies and evidence files as well as all results files generated by GenSAS.  This size limit is per user, not per project.  When a user reaches the storage limit, they will be notified and will not be able to run any more GenSAS jobs until old projects are deleted. 
  • Assembly files must be high quality. GenSAS has been designed to annotate whole genome assemblies, not transcript assemblies.  Assembly files that are loaded under the "Sequences" step are analyzed using PRINSEQ.  Assembly files must contain less than 25,000 total sequences and more than 50% of the sequences must be over 2500 bases in length.  Uploaded files that do not meet these requirements will not be available for use in GenSAS projects.
  • Users can only have seven running jobs at a time.  GenSAS users are limited to seven actively running jobs at a time, across all projects.  However, users can set-up more than seven jobs and have the jobs waiting in the job queue.  As jobs complete, the waiting jobs will be submitted.
  • GenSAS projects are not backed up and GenSAS is not a data storage solution for your files.  While data loss is rare, it can happen.  We highly recommend downloading your final annotation files from GenSAS when your project is complete as well as keeping copies of the assembly and evidence files you uploaded.  Users who continually renew projects with no evidence of actively running jobs, will have their projects removed to make space for new users and jobs.  You will be notified about the eventual file removal and be given a short time frame to download your files.