Contact Us

If you have questions, suggestions or would like to report a problem with GenSAS, please use the contact form to send an email message to the site developers. If you are reporting a problem please be sure to provide as much information as possible to aid developers in reproducing the problem.

GenSAS User's Guide - provides detailed instructions on how to use GenSAS.

How to Use GenSAS Videos - This is the link to the new video series on how to use GenSAS on YouTube.  We are adding videos as fast as we can.

If you want to watch a project from start to finish, with an older version of GenSAS, please watch this video from 2015.  

Help with Manual Annotation

GenSAS uses Apollo for manual curation of gene models.  For help, please see the Apollo User's Guide for more information. For tips on manual curation of genome annotations, please refer to a webinar from Dr. Monica Munoz-Torres.